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Wasteland #19

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Wasteland #19 Bondagefilme bizarre Sex
Goddess Starla, Ava Hardcore, BDSM, Fetish, Strap-on, Submissive, Domination, Caucasian, Blonde, Brunette, vibrator
Bild Goddess Starla paid us a visit in order to enjoy some quality time with her slave Ava. Shackled up to a spread bar and put on her back, Ava's legs and pussy were spread wide, nice and open for whatever Goddess Starla wanted to do to her. And you can be sure that Starla had nothing but sadomasochistic things in mind for Ava as she crops her inner thighs, pours burning hot wax over her chest and legs, fucks her tight pussy with a strapon and makes the poor little slutty slave scream in the throws of the pleasure and pain that are being inflicted on her! Equipped with a magic wand and a large strapon dildo, Goddess Starla takes Ava for a ride that she'll never forget, fully taking advantage of Ava's vulnerable position as she lies there, spread wide open

Mistress Irony Hardcore, BDSM, Fetish, Busty, Dildo, Submissive, Domination, Caucasian, Blonde, Blindfold
Bild We're not sure how this happened but the man in black was back in our studios and somehow, not only got his hands on Mistress Irony but managed to have her bound and suspended, naked and unable to escape. Irony suffered a great deal at the hands of this mysterious sadistic man, being make to orgasm, caned, flogged, and more, all while having to maintain a most uncomfortable position, hanging from chains. You can see the anger rising in Irony as she is brought down to the level of so many of her slaves. Although the man in black has taken one of our favorite Mistress's and played with her like she is a good for nothing low life, this movie is definitely worth watching if not just to see Irony get a real taste of her own medicine

Johnny, Debbie
Bild Master Johnny walks into the dungeon, his slave Debbie, who is already tied up and ready to be played with has been waiting there in the cold room for god knows how long. He pulls the vampire gloves unto his hands, approaches his helpless slut of a slave and lets the fun begin. Master Johnny only has one thing in mind during this hardcore session and that is to please himself. Completely unmoved by Debbie's cries of pain, Johnny rubs his prickly gloves all over her body, flogs and canes her breasts and feet, makes her to orgasm while enwrapped in pain, suctions her clit and labia, shoves his large cock deep into her cunt, and more. Johnny, cold and unwavering in his play of his fiery red haired nymph, uses her up and then leaves her, thinking that perhaps the next Master or Mistress to walk into the dungeon would like to make good use of her

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